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History -End of an era at Vears Taxis

After more than four decades driving for and operating Mount Gambier's

longest running taxi company, David and Ann Vears have handed over the reigns of their family business, Vears Taxis.

Taking on the 100 year old company, Frank and Debbie Beimans - who originally began their taxi driving careers with Vears - were officially handed over the keys on Monday, the fleet of 3 cars bolstering their existing hire car service which has been operating in the South East for more than 20 years.

However, according to Mr Vears the decision to sell the business, which had been "handed down through the generations", did not come lightly. "It was tough, but we put a fair bit of thought into, it wasn't an overnight decision" he said.

Frank and Debbie wanted to get into the taxi side of things with their hire cars, and we thought the time was right for them to take it on.

"We're pretty busy with the courier side here at the moment and it was all starting to get a little bit too much.

However while the company is changing hands, Mr Vears said for customers, the taxi service would remain the same. "Frank and Debbie have taken on the people that have worked for us, and they have taken the name on.

They will still trade as Vears Taxis and using the same phone number."